How we can apply for Umrah Visa Package online

How to apply for umrah visa package online

Muslim people that are willing to perform the Umrah pilgrimage now can apply online for an Umrah visa as the Government of Saudi Arabia makes applying procedure online. Following are the steps of the procedure through which we can apply for it;

  1. Initially, we have to search for the website on Google named


umrah visa package online

Note; We cannot apply directly to Saudi Government for Umrah Visa, we have to make connections with Visa agencies that are approved by Saudi Government. Compare 2,3 agencies and select one of them that you find convenient.

  1. When you select an agency then, choose your destination on the destination option.
  2. Then select your Departure date and time duration of stay in Makkah and Madina city.
  3. Then select people that are staying in a room maximum number of person can stay in the room is 6 if any children are with you have to select his/her age maximum age option is 11 years old.
  4. Then select your country of Residence.
  5. Then click on the search option it will find Resorts according to your information.
  6. Wait for a while, then it will show a list of resorts then select one of them that you find suitable for yourself.
  7. Then select Madina and Makkah where you wanted to stay select your transportation and then select Ground Services and then click on Book now
  8. Then the agency will show the dues of these above-mentioned facilities. Then pay the dues.
  9. Then you will contact with agency through email.
  10. They will apply for your visa and you get your visa within 12 hours if it is working day.