How to Stamp a Saudi Family visa from Pakistan


Stamp from Gerrys named institute Pakistan is essential for family/permanent Saudi visa.  Following its detailed procedure of getting a stamp from Gerrys;

1-Initially, get Gerry’s appointment.

2-You will be required Visa Slip printed from MOFA Saudi Arabia.

3-B-form/CNIC of the applicant.

4-Required two pics having a white background.

5-Vaccination card for children.

6-Passport and iqama copy of applicant will be required in Saudi Arabia.

7-Relationship Proof.

8-Marriage certificate approved by Pakistani Foreign Office.

10-Then you have the required Muqeem paper.

After submitting all the above-mentioned documents. The Gerrys workers will take your fingerprint scan for verification of biometrics as it is essential for every sort of visa.

11-Fee charges for the stamp at visa is around about 60,000 SR including insurance and another sort of charges.

The time duration of visa processing is one week. After proceeding with all processes you can ensure the status of visa stamping through the Enjaz website.

In any consequence, if an infant is born after applying for a permanent visa then the following measures will be taken

1-A new application will be submitted to the Saudi Embassy for stamping the passport of the newborn baby.

2-Mother passport will also be attached to an application having a permanent family visa already stamped.