Things Required for Hajj

As Hajj is a journey that is tough physically. A Muslim should prepare himself spiritually, physically, and practically before going to Hajj. A complete checklist of things to carry on hajj can make your practical preparation easier. This checklist helps your journey more smoothly as possible. It is important to prepare well in advance. These are the list of things which you should carry with you.

  • Important documents with photocopies
  • Extra mobile phone
  • Medical prescriptions and medicines
  • Self-made identification card with your information
  • Comfortable clothes
  • First aid kit
  • Self-care essential
  • Mobile SIM

Important documents with photocopies

You must have to take important documents with their photocopies, copies of your important documents include your passport (and its copies), flight tickets, identity proofs (and its photocopies), certificates of vaccination done, hotel booking vouchers, transport vouchers, receipts of payments made for hajj, relationship certificate if traveling with a companion, passport size photographs, hajj ForexPlux card (which is a safe and convenient way to carry money.)

First aid kit

Your first aid kit should include anti-biotics, cold and cough medicine, painkillers, bandage, plasters, cotton, antiseptic cream, and anti-allergy.

Self-care essential

Your self-care essentials may include an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, unscented wipes, and soaps. Nail clippers, a small pair of scissors, toothbrush, toothpaste, power bank, phone charger, notebook, and pens. Travel size prayer mat.

Comfortable clothes

Must take comfortable and light clothing with yourself.

Self-made identification card

Make a self-made identification card with include your complete name, passport number, and contact information in Makkah, Medina, and your country. Hotel details, cluster heads contact information, disease, or allergies if any.


Hajj & Umrah Mobile SIM in Saudi Arabia

First thing to do is buy local SIM card , they are available on airport , most common service is zain , Mobily,STC it gives you 20gb data plus unlimited local call just for 80 riyals , and this sim will be valid for a month or so.