Best Abaya/ Hijab Places in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia has the biggest market for Abaya and Hijabs. Abaya is a traditional black cloak but over time abaya is also designed in a stylish way. There are many designers who design abayas gorgeously for women who like to wear this. Abaya and hijabs are very famous in the Arab culture. Here is the list of 5 places to buy hijabs/ abaya in Riyadh.

  • Dirah Abaya Market
  • Bedoon Essm Ajlan
  • عبايات نوف السديري
  • Mira Y Mano
  • Royal mall Riyadh

Dirah Abaya Market

Location: 3265 Al Imam Turki Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad, Ad Dirah, Riyadh 12634, Saudi Arabia

Dirah Abaya Market is a famous Abaya Market in Riyadh, here you can get beautiful abayas at very reasonable prices. It is a big abaya market for ladies. It is the best choice for women’s clothing and abaya, just need to negotiate a bit more to get the best price. A lot of abaya shops where you can buy abayas at very cheaper prices than in any other markets in Riyadh. This market is Excellent for abaya shopping and has a lot of varieties with cheaper prices and good quality.

Bedoon Essm Ajlan

Location:  King Fahd Rd, King Fahad Road Ajlan center After AlTamimi Market، Riyadh 12311, Saudi Arabia

Contact number: +966554551146


Bedoon Essm Ajlan provides abayas with good quality and reasonable prices. They have a wide variety of Abayas, bags, Nakabs, wallets, and much more at very affordable prices. They also have a variety of Abaya with Embroidery. Most people love the quality and designs of their Niqabs. The branch is nice and clean and has all the options.

  • عبايات نوف السديري

Location:  Al Olaya, Riyadh 13321, Saudi Arabia

Contact number: +966554770827


They have high-quality Abayas with amazing prices and outstanding services. They have a huge variety of colors that are so refreshing. They have different textiles according to your need in very clean minimal designs. It is the best place for shopping if you are looking for stylish Abayas. These Abayas are well known and it is considered a very strong brand in Abayas. Likewise, they have a special corner for perfumes. They provide high quality and luxury in the type of fabrics.

Mira Y Mano

Location:  Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz، Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Contact number: +966560011412


Mira Y Mano has different styles and very unique designs of abayas. Their staff is very helpful and accommodating. They have excellent customer service. They have tremendous varieties of abaya brands They have fabulous and fancy abayas. They have a really good collection and different varieties of designers. A very luxurious place filled with so many Abayas and jewelry from the gulf.

Royal Mall Riyadh

Location: King Fahd Rd, الفرعي،, Riyadh 12343, Saudi Arabia

Contact number: +966112297722


Royal Mall Riyadh has a wide variety of Abayas, fashion items, and jewels options. Enough parking available underground. Here you can find more items related to fashion items. So Royal mall is the best choice to shop for your favorite things in one place. It is the best place for shopping if you are looking for some stylish and fancy abayas. In this mall, you also got shops that are a tremendous variety of hijabs, nikabs, and headscarf.