How to Check the SIM under your names and register complaint for unauthorized SIM

How to Check the SIM under your names and how to register complaints about unauthorized SIM under your name.

You can register to complain to close the SIMs & Services which do not belong to you however they are registered on your IQAMA number.

In this post, we will go through Step by Step to check the number under IQAMA number and to request to close them online.

communications and information technology commission, which allows the user in the event of a problem in any of the telecommunications and information technology services with a service provider licensed by the CITC to submit a complaint to the service provider. If the user is not satisfied with the solution provided or if 5 days have passed without resolving the complaint, the complaint can be escalated to the CITC.

First login on the Website

Click on the Submit Complain

Click on Person if you are doing against your IQAMA number

Click on Single Sing on to login with your ABSHER (National Single Sing-On ) login.

Enter your IQAMA number and Absher password.

Click Submit

Press OK to continue

You will receive SMS and this Message. This complaint will be solved in 4-5 working days. Once it’s completed you will don’t that number register to your name.

if the complain not resolved you can escalte it with Esclation option.