How to book Wheelchair in Haram

Wheelchair bookings for disabled and disabled pilgrim to the Masjid Haram will now be online, with a specific app being offered.

According to the lesson website, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Harmaine Sharifin administration, has launched a special app ‘
تنقل’ for booking wheelchairs.

The administration has said that visitors can book the harem electric wheelchair before the app arrival.

‘The booking number can be obtained through the app and the fee can be paid, the user will pay the fee online or pay cash at counter.’

‘To benefit from the app, registration is required first, click the choice option from the different options given in the app, then enter the confirmation code.’

Click here to download the Wheelchair Booking app at the Haram Mosque

After Tawaf if you want to book the wheelchair only for Sai the electric scooter service available in Sai area from Safa.

Cost for 2 person =115

Cost for 1 person = 58

Good service for the old age and sick persons. If you only need the manual Wheel chair for Safwa & Marwa it will cost you 100 SAR you still bargain and that person will make the Sayee.

During Ramadan month the prices are now 250 SAR for complete Umrah wheelchair, it will take almost 1.5 hours to complete Tawaaf and Sayee.

Electric scooters for elderly, disabled pilgrims in Haram