How to use Eatmarna for Umrah

The Hajj and Umrah Ministry has launched the ‘Eatmarna’
app to obtain permission to pray in the Mosque of Al-Haram, besides The Umar pilgrim.

Saudi citizens can register in the foreign app based in the country and get permits for the visit and the umara.

According to the Lesson website, the Hajj Ministry has launched the App in the Apple Store in the early stages from which iPhone & Anroid users can download it.

The Hajj and Umrah ministry has said that ‘the ‘Eatmarna’ app allows for the permission of the People to pray in The Umar, The Pilgrimage and the Mosque of al-Haram, as well as the permission s/he’s for the pilgrimage of tawaaf, the mosque of The Mosque of The Suhaahda’ah and The Jabal Noor’.

It should be clear that the Saudi government has decided to restore The Umar and the Pilgrimage on a phased date from October 4.

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To organize the prayer at the Mosque of Umar, The Prophet, or the Prayer at the Masjid Al-Haram, the wisher must first obtain a permit through the eatmarna app.

Initially, 6,000 people will be allowed to get age support at different times on a daily basis.

Each group will provide a chance to 1,000 members, 6 groups will be arranged daily through a specific app.

Later, from October 18, the number of visitors will be increased to 15,000.

iPhone users can click
here to download the app

Google play Link


The good news is that you can get permission for your dependents ( wife, kids above 18 years ).

Here are the straight forward process steps

if anyone facingā˜šŸ½the above error while applying for Umrah permit. Please register the Companion in Tawakalna App by following the procedure.

Open your Absher account and Choose ā€œGeneral Servicesā€

Choose Register a mobile.
You can get instructions from here. Click Next.

Step 4

Enter Iqama of your companion, D.O.B as per Iqama and the mobile which is not registered with any Govt application. After completing this use the same Details to register your companion in Tawakalna App.

Registration on Tawakalna app Reason:

To ensure the applicant has no COVID19 history or received and in good health.

Once it’s ok on Tawakalna, the applicant is eligible to apply and get permission.

Note: you have to wait before applying again for some time. not sure how many hours but we observed up to almost 10 hours and It issue the permit successfully Alhamdulillah.

May Allah accept all of us and our good deeds.