Top 5 Places in Saudi Arabia for Hiking and Camping

Best hiking and camping places in Saudi Arabia

If you are based in Saudi Arabia and you like the life of tents in the deserts and forests outside the population to enjoy the natural scenery, or you are interested in measuring the sea, you are in a great country to enjoy.

Saudi Arabia’s Magazine’ has compiled a list of the best places for adventure enthusiasts to visit your favorite places for hiking and hiking in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mount of Al-Souda

The mountains of Al-Souda are located in the Asser region. The weather here is moderate throughout the year. Summer is a great place for different activities, especially sports programs.

Al-Soud is the highest mountain in the kingdom. This surface is 9843 feet above sea level. Tourists come to him.

Al-Sudand and its peaks are famous for the hot summers. The extreme temperature here in August is not more than 15 degrees. The informed amber remains polluted and it rains continuously. The rainfall rate here is the highest in Saudi Arabia compared to other areas.

  • Tuyk Mountain

Located in the west and northwest of the Saudi capital Riyadh, the mountain is spread over an area of 800 km. Its shape is like a tuk.

Local citizens and natives are keen to visit the area for hiking and desert tourism.

The Jabal Tawiq is famous for its strange and poor appearance of rocks. The trees of the bobul are found in large numbers here. There are also dynamic sand sands.

This area is considered ideal for tourism. Many people stay in this area for several days to visit. They are housed in tents.

There are also many historical sites. The Tuyk Mountain is also famous for its historical images in caves. In ancient times, the caravans passed through the doors of the Tawiq. Their marks are still protected.

  • Al-Qa’rah Mountain


It is the famous mountain of Al-Ahasa and is situated in the middle of the lush oasis. It is located 13 km east of the city of El Hafof.

The gardens and oasis of al-Qarah mountain are spread over the Land of The Daq. This view is very attractive to see.

Local citizens and foreigners from different cities of Saudi Arabia come here for a tour and spend many days in tents. Its beautiful caves are related to the view. These wonders are the witnesses of nature.

  • Lijab Valley

This valley is located in the southwestern province of Jazan in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the valleys of Theamah. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

Its attractions are from natural landscapes and the view of the park. Here are the waterfalls that are visible throughout the year, which give a fillus to the eyes.

Visitors to the tourist area also love photography and measurement.  Natural scenes and adventurers love to come to the Valley of The Lijb.

  • Desert of Sahama

Al-Samama is located north of the desert Riyadh.  It is an ideal place for those seeking peace to dislike the city’s noisy wine. The desert is famous for its golden sand and place-to-place recreational resorts.

People in Riyadh come here to enjoy the relaxing moments in the natural environment and enjoy riding camels here. The passion for motorcycles and desert vehicles is also fulfilled here.

Some people spend many days in tents. Some of the men’s men also do tire-scratching here – the Al-Samama entertainment is ideal in winter.