Abha Tour in 45 minutes

abha bus

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. Local citizens and foreigners from all over the country have arrived in the summer to visit historical and cultural centers.

According to the lesson website, the Tourism Department has arranged a 45-minute tour of Abha by bus.

The tourism bus is running the well-known company Al-Haqer. The Promotion Tourism Council is under its supervision.

Tourist buses run in front of the Talal Madah Theatre in Al-Muftaha Qaree.

4 tourist buses run in front of the Talal Madah Theatre in Al-Fataah Qaree at 4pm. It is located in the center of the city of Abha. Each bus has a tourist guide that introduces historical cultural and cultural sites that come during the journey.

The King Faisal Jamia Mosque of Al-Khalidia is on the route of the tourist bus. This is a wonderful gift of beautiful architecture. Modern and ancient architecture is a combination of Hussain.

Al-Madina al-Aaliya (high city) is on the way to the tourist bus. This is one of the new tourism projects of Abha. It is in the south east of the city of Tahma Assir and in the north west of Abha. There are restaurants, lounges, entertainment centers, hotels and fringed apartments.

There are 12 to 15 tourists on each bus to avoid The Koruna (Photo Lesson)

The tourist bus passes through the clouds. During this time, tourists visit Abu-Aa’i Park and Al-Jabal al-Akhdaer Park. Both these parks are located at the highest peak of Aha. There is also a management of the cheerleaders. There are also modern style qahowa rooms besides the restaurant.

The tourist bus passes through the central area of the city on its way back. During this time, tourists visit the cultural and historical centers of Abha. The public library’s flagship building is also visible on one of the main highways. There are over 70,000 books from all the sciences and the world. There are separate study halls for children and elders, lectures halls, pen-copies and documents.

The tourist bus passes through the central area of the city in return

The Asir National Museum is also shown to visitors by tourist bus. Also, there are different programs to be seen on Art Street.

During this time, seasonal fruit exhibitions are also related to viewing. The tourist bus is also shown to the tourists.

The area is famous for its paintings, historical vessels, local fragrances, traditional clothes and memorial gifts. Locallys are also very good. Here, the cottages are notable for keeping the palms and bread made from palm-sands.

Tourists are also shown music and folk-dance programs

12 to 15 tourists are being taken to prevent the koruna virus from being carried out on each bus to restrict social distance. Each bus is being sanitized before and after the trip. All tourists are also wearing medical masks.

Tourists are also shown music and public dance programs on their return to the station, and the fire management is also very attractive these days.