What to expect when malls open on Wednesday, April 29th?

The Jeddah municipality has directed citizens and residents to ban the regulations in shopping malls.

Remember that shopping malls in different cities of Saudi Arabia can open from Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

“Shopping malls will be open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, but the Baber Shops, The Beauty Parlor, Gym, Playground, Sports and Swing Centers, Cinema Houses, Coffee Shops and Restaurants will remain closed,” the lesson website said.

What to expect when malls open on Wednesday, April 29th??.

It includes the following;
▪︎ No children under 15 years will be allowed entry
▪︎ No paying with cash allowed, electronic payment methods only
▪︎ No gathering of people will be allowed at all.
▪︎ Fitting Rooms & Prayer Rooms inside malls will be closed
▪︎ No exchange or returning of goods will be allowed once sold.
▪︎ If there is access to stairs, lifts will be closed.
▪︎ All indoor seating areas will be removed.
▪︎ The limited number of customers inside each store at any given time.

PLEASE remember to only go out when necessary, always wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing.

The municipality has said that the Malls administration is committed to recruiting a reasonable number of security personnel, which will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of the regulations.

  1. “The shopping malls will have a safety board to avoid the place-to-place corona, which will be restricted to the people who shop.”
  2. The municipality has said that the body temperature of those who come in at the shopping malls will be seen, which will be above 38 degrees, and will not be allowed inside.
  3. “Anyone suspected of corona will be isolated and immediately reported to the Health Ministry.”
  4. “There are shops that have the potential to be crowded in front or inside, with markings on the ground at a distance of 15 meters to keep the proper distance between customers.”
  5. “At the entrance of the mall, the senators and gloves will be placed on the electrical staircase and near the washroom,” the municipality said.
  6. ‘Parking area will be kept clean at all times, the germ-free medicine will also be used continuously.’
  7. The municipality has clarified that ‘the entry of the disabled and children under 15 in shopping malls will be banned, all wearing masks will be prohibited’.
  8. ‘All chairs placed in front of restaurants and coffee shop will be lifted up and closed in other parts of the mall wherever there is seating’
  9. ‘The prayer space in the malls will be closed, the rooms to change clothes or see the measured will remain closed, no purchased goods will be returned or changed’.
  10. The municipality has said that ‘the minimum of the cash dealing in the malls will be kept, to be paid through ATMs etc.’.
  11. “The investigators have a clear instruction that immediate action will be taken wherever there is a violation,” the municipality said.
  12. ‘No shop in shopping malls can be visited, customers should leave shopping malls with a fixed time restriction to reach home comfortably before the ban.