Secret Forest in Jeddah

Jeddah Forest

It is a man-made #forest with more than 80,000 plants and is known as #Eastern Forest(Ghaib Sharqia). There was no as such information online available so I was curious about this place. After the Briman exit from the highway, you must proceed eastwards, going past car scrapyards, farmlands and tents on the highway that runs from #Jeddah – Jummum.

The highway even serves as an alternative though longer route to Makkah from Jeddah. It took around 20 minutes from Briman to the forest.

The entrance seems as if it is a gigantic farmhouse with barricades and security guards. But the signboard for Forest is so tiny that you must get closer to the security gate to even visualize it. It is open for families with a free entry.

As soon as the security will live the barrier, you will witness a lush forest that you haven’t even thought of existing in Jeddah or any nearby areas. Every few meters after the entrance you can find the parking slots and can park the car. The forest will reveal plenty of trees and plants, though there can be the possibility of some dry plants during days of summer.

The Forest sight will leave you amazed around different kinds and sizes of plants and would seem just as an animal-free beautiful and calm forest. You can hear the chirping of birds but it’s possible you might witness those birds or not. Many beautiful colorful butterflies you will see in the forest though there are no more floral plants to keep the place as forestry look.

After moving around the empty road and after a few miles you will find an observatory tower over a plateau. From that tower, you can witness the view of the whole forest. Its beautiful and amazing view giving totally a natural look like a forest.

Forest is designed environment-friendly as it is irrigated through recycled sewage. Sewage is recycled by the National Water company. All the forest has solar paneled lights. It also has a small Masjid with a beautiful garden and toilets for ablution.

It’s a beautiful place for a picnic but make sure that you bring all the necessary eateries, drinks, etc. with you like nothing you will find here nearby.

Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9 am till 9 pm.