A Visit to Taif 🌹 Rose Factory

Rose Factory
Rose Factory
Other than beautiful valleys and mountains Taif is also famous for roses “Wardh Al Taif” . The suburbs of Taif and valleys are famous for the cultivation of roses which gives more income than other vegetables and crops. In the times of the Ottoman Empire, this region was named Arabian Rose.
Rose factory in Taif is worth a visit especially during the harvest period between May till August. At the moment, the main producers of Taif rose in Taif are five families: al-Qadi, al Kamal, al Qureishi, al Ghuraybi, and al Solhi.
These families oversee most of the cultivation and rose oil laboratories in Taif. They produce authentic attar.
Al Kamal rose factory offers you a free welcoming cup of fresh rose tea. You can enjoy the field of beautiful roses. Taif roses are mainly cultivated to extract essential oil known as attar and rose water.
Petals of roses are collected from fields and visitors can witness how the flower petals are transformed into rose water, scents, tea, and other domestic products. Flower petals are boiled in huge pots with liters of water for more than 12 hours to get desired extracts.
There is a shop right there so visitors can purchase products of their choice. There is a variety of perfumes, scents, attar, rose water and are available to purchase.