IBRAHIM ADHAM was the king πŸ‘‘ of eight century of BALKH. He renounced his kingdom and wealth to become a wandering dervish. He was the king but he wanted to become the beloved man of ALLAH. The part of his spiritual awakening happened one night when he was sleeping in the room of his castle. He heard that someone was walking on the roof of his castle. When he made an inquiry the man said that I am your friend and I was finding my camel on the roof. IBRAHIM ADHAM was shocked that a man was finding his camel on the roof of the castle of the king. The man said that it was equally crazy to become a beloved person of ALLAH in the lap of luxury. After this when IBRAHIM ADHAM reached the roof he saw that there is no one on the roof. He realized that if he wants to become a beloved person of ALLAH then he had to change his life. Then another incident occurs, when he was in his palace and he was doing some work then a man occur at the moment and the man came nearer to thrown. The king said to the man that did you know where you came? The man said that I am in the rest house. The king shocked and it is my palace how you say it a rest house. The man said I do not see a palace it is a rest house. Who owned this palace before you?

My father replied IBRAHIM ADHAM.

The man asked and before your father who owned this palace?

The king replied my grandfather

And before your grandfather who owned this?

The king replied to his father.

At last the man asked where are they?

The king said they all die at this the man said one day you too shall die and leave this palace saying this the man went away.

IBRAHIM ADHAM became anguished and he had strange visions each night. He wanted to calm himself. He decided to go to the forest for hunting. Four times he heard a voice crying β€œAWAKE” but he ignored it. At the fourth cry, he spied a deer and prepared to give chase. The deer turned around and spoke to him. You will never hurt me I have been sent to hunt you. Was it for this that you were created, and is this what you have been commanded? On hearing this he turned to ALLAH in sincere repentance. A spiritual fire alighted in the king’s heart and he left all his wealth. IBRAHIM ADHAM became the first Sufi that classifies the stages of piety and teaching that a man could achieve the ranks of righteousness.