Sea Taxi will Start Soon in Jeddah

Jeddah Sea Taxi will start in two years time as discussed by the CEO of Jeddah Metro Company.

The contract to make the feasibility study for Sea taxi will be signed near future.

Dr. Osama Abdu, chairman of Jeddah Metro Company said that sea taxi is among the 3 main projects in the pipeline and that also include Obhur Suspension Bridge and the Corniche Tram.

According to Abdu, the contract includes the feasibility and financial studies of these projects and participation of the private sector in their implementation. “Approval has already been accorded to carry out the studies,” he said. Abdu said contract for the feasibility studies of the Obhur project has already been signed and the studies are underway. “The Obhur Suspension Bridge project is one of the most important projects in Jeddah’s public transport system and it will connect the north and south Obhur, passing over Sharm Obhur with a length of 350 meters and width of 74 meters. It includes 8 two-way car lanes with a capacity to pass 6,000 vehicles per hour. This will be one of the widest concrete suspension bridges in the world.