Send Money to Your Country with Good Rates

STC Pay is offering a really good service to send money on one click to Bank or Direct person with very attractive currency 💱 conversion rates.

Some people even don’t know about the STC Pay or never used is earlier. In this post, we will guide you on how to use the STC Pay and you can send money to your country very Easily.


What’s STC Pay?

STC Pay is a secure digital wallet that empowers individuals, as well as business owners, to take full control and manage their finances anytime, anywhere. It enables all financial operations; sending, receiving, and managing money directly through their phone app.

As simple as Digital Wallet after that you don’t the physical wallet. This is the Future of the digital currency.

For Pakistani’s, it’s the same as EasyPaisa, JazzCash.

Do I need to have STC mobile number to use this service?

You really don’t need to have STC mobile number to use this service.

you can now transfer internationally with only SR 15 with STC Pay! Use my promo code 3ETXXS on your first international transfer to help me gain SR 10. Share your own referral code with friends and you can gain money too! There’’s nothing like STC Pay Download the app

How I can transfer money to my STC Pay account?

When you install the STC pay App and register the account simple you open a virtual Bank Account, Then you can send the money from different mode, Sadat, Link your Debit & Credit card ( No Money Transfer fee ) or pay the Cash on STC office they will deposit in your account.

You will have a digital card number and you can withdraw the money from any ANB ATM machine.

Link for STC Apps download:

Google Play :

Apps Store :

How can I transfer the Money to My country from STC Pay?

STC pay is transferring your money to Bank & Person in your country with very good Rate ( e.g Pakistan RS 1 SAR= 42.10 ) with only  5 SAR Transfer fee.


Transfer money internationally and instantly through your mobile. With STC Pay you can transfer funds instantly to more than 525,000 Western Union locations worldwide

  • No Hidden Charges.
  • Competitive prices and no hidden fees in the beneficiary country
  • instant refund upon cancellation request
  • Instant notification of cash pick-up

Setup Video

Steps to Send the Money

  1. Click “International Remittance”
  2. Click “Add New Beneficiary” and fill the information
  3. Click “Send Money” on the approved beneficiary from the Saved Beneficiaries tab
  4. And easily share the MTCN Number with the beneficiary


How to Get the Promo Code and Cashback from STC PAY?

In the below video you can get all the details on how to get free money from STC Pay. #STCPAY, #STCGIFTBOX




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