How Sadqa saved the life for one Saudi teen 👱 in New Zealand Inccident

In New Zealand, Saudi Arabia included Saudi citizen martyred. However, a Saudi teen was such a survivor who escaped despite the slaughter of hundreds of bullets fired by the terrorist. A spokesman for the Embassy was told that Asil-ulansari was injured in the attack, whose situation is now better informed. And in a few days, she will be full health.

Aslam’s father told News Website was saved in the incident of his son with God’s grace. Asil’s father says that he feels that the charity (Sadaqa) given by him a few hours before the time has become a source of saving his son’s life.

Asil’s father said, “I felt unconscious few hours before the terrorist incident.

My heart told me that some sadaqa should be done. By the hands of this feeling, I reached the slaughterhouse. Where I bought an animal 🐑 and sacrificed it for Allah and invited the neighbors to lunch 🥘. And then 6 hours later I called on the Saudi Foreign Office that your son was present to pay Friday in this mosque in New Zealand, where innocent people were killed by Australian terrorists. But with the grace of Allah, he has survived even though he is injured. I think that Allah had thought of my sincerity in my heart ♥️, due to which my child’s life was saved.”