A Male have to show his ID card to proof as Male

Abdul Salam Firdous, Abdul Aziz, is from the Maldives. Because of the face & long hair style resemblance with females, he becomes increasingly popular on social media. No one can recognize his face that this is not a woman but a man.

Recently he went to see the football match. Male police officers were taking physical searches of men at the Stadium’s gate and female officials were checking female viewers.


When Abdul Salam came, man police refused to take them out of their physical understanding of the woman. When he told that he was a man, he was asked to show the identification card. The incident took place of Malesia news and then became viral on the Internet.

Abdul Salaam said he showed his identity card to the police.

This has happened several times earlier. Abdul Salaam said that his hair was very large before, he made a small hair to show men’s feet but then people started calling them Tom. He again grew hair.

A Twitter user advised Abdul Salaam that men should keep beard or mustache.

There are thousands of concerts on the photos of Abdul Salaam on all the shattered networks. People call them the world’s handsome man. Abdul Salaam says his reputation on social media is just due to an accident. He did not want to see the match, but their friends also got his tickets.