Traffic Violation Fine increased in KSA

Jeddah … The Saudi Cabinet has approved the rules of traffic vacancies to be controlled by the Traffic Police Department, which issued new laws. Fines amount has been increased on some violations of the rules issued.

5 violations have been made up to 10,000 SAR maximum amount, however, over the speed of the fine has been increased to 2000 SAR Maximum.

Al-Madina newspaper has released more details according to which the violations are divided into 8 categories.

The 1-Fee amount will be 100 to 150 SAR in the first category. The changes mentioned above will apply to those places where they are not allowed to drive, stop the vehicle from running, not car insurance, do wrong parking, do not walk on specific tracks.

2- the Second category is set to 150 to 300 reels, which do not indicate the point when turning off and changing the track without pointing out, on the highway normal to 20 meters equal to reverse, cycle or bike. Riding a car, driving license and non-use of a vehicle, using blurred horns, seatbelt violation, road safety roles, keeping things inside the vehicle to prevent seeing outside, Keep the distance between the two cars, hang on the spot or stand on the spot. Take the car with a single speed, causing the tire to sound. Do not have desired protective items in the car.

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3- the Third category has been set up to 300 to 500 SAR, according to which it does not take precautions to park the car in an emergency, throw out things out of the car, drive it very slowly. Traffic flow is affected, engaging in other issues while driving, unexpectedly breaking off, violation of relevant rules on road crossing, violation of fixed track, installation of unnecessary noise devices in the vehicle, deck and Sharp sound is included in music, making it difficult for others to suffer and publicly profane. Expire driver driving license, not set up for small children, do not take precautions while driving a lofty road, leaving alone children less than 10 years without an attendant in the car.

4-fourth category has been fixed for 400 to 900 SAR Fine, which is fast driving behind emergency aid vehicles, not completely on the traffic lights, preferring direct hand traffic. Do not give priority, prefer not to generate normal traffic, do not ban traffic constable signs, enter the track accidentally, not entering the railways, enter the track, in the underground Lights of light, keeping more than capacity in loading vehicles, riding passengers from non-specific places, caring for non-moral objects, Writing on car without permission from authorities.

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5- the Fifth category has been set to be a thousand to 2,000 SAR. Under which loading and heavy-duty vehicles enter prohibited times in cities, on or off large vehicles on small licenses. Railway crossing and standing on the line, riding more than a fixed number of people in the car, not showing relevant documents to the car, driving with a non-clear or damaged number plate, driving no next plate, motorcycle Do not use helmets while driving, driving a license without driving license, do not leave official or emergency vehicles, on the footpath or on the roadside where the vehicle is not allowed to drive Or climbing, crossing the highway on the highway, to overload the car from prohibited places where this mark is present Including the ascent or descent of places. No refrainers in the vehicles on heavy vehicles, traveling in bad weather or in non-standard headlights at nighttime, which does not show the way clear. Do not pluck number plates at a fixed location, submit to scratching sites, drive carriage without permission from fixed organizations, headlights and other bad lights. The number of chains

6-In category 6 of 6 is set to be 3000 to 6000 SAR, in violation of red indications, passing through the school bus’s speed, when children are moving or moving. Disrupting traffic boards and reflectors installed on highway, do not put on checkpoint or inspection center, non-moral writing or stackers in the car, driving wrong direction, highway racing, violation of heavy traffic fixed track to do, installation of syringes or other types of devices in private vehicles, which are specific to emergency and government vehicles. No number of plates to drive or change.

7- Category 7 of the fine has been fixed for 5 to 10 years, with those who are driving in a drunk state.