MTV to Makkah 🕋

A former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer during her Hajj pilgrimage was impressed by the ability of the KSA that facilitates more than two million pilgrims.

At that moment, she was first introduced her to Islam; she explains: “not by a long-bearded Imam with a flowing robe, but by a sports star, Imran Khan.” Imran played Kristiane Sufi music and explained that the lyrics were addressed to the Ultimate Beloved; God.

Backer learned that Allah is Arabic for God, the Creator of the universe and the Center of our being. She found out that all the Muslims she had met were looking beyond themselves. It was faith that inspired them to spend time, energy, and even money to fulfill their aspirations and higher goals.



On her trip to Pakistan, she found that God played an important role in everyone’s life; and that “He was everywhere: in the beautiful architecture, in the music, and in the hearts of people.”

The generosity of Pakistani Muslims was overwhelming, and despite their miserable conditions, they were content. Kristiane realized that there was a stark contrast between the world from which she came, and the Pakistani culture.

Since then she has been engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue to show the people the beautiful Islam that she found.

In 2001, she performed Umrah when she visited Madinah and in 2006 performed Hajj rituals after which she wrote her famous book “From MTV to Makkah: How Islam Inspired My Life,” she wrote about her eventful journey from entertainment to ‘inner-tainment’.


The best-seller book is currently translated into Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, and English.

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