Hajj Hackathon : New Guinness World Record

This time the gathering of pilgrims is going to be gathering more than two million pilgrims. It has always been a major challenge for the Saudi authorities to handle such a large number of pilgrims and to fulfill their pilgrimage. In Saudi Arabia, a 36-hour competition for software developers was conducted in Saudi Arabia to compete with the numerous problems born on Hajj.

First Place:

A team of four Saudi women won the first prize of SAR 1 million – over $265,000 (for 15% of the equity) for their Android-only mobile application called Tarjuman.



Second Place

An Egyptian team of three developers won the second prize of SAR 500,000 – over $130,000 (for 10% of the equity) for their fintech solution called Hajj Wallet.

Third Place

A team from Algeria won the third prize of SAR 350,000 – about $100,000 (for 7.5% of the equity) for their social network (I guess) called Roaa.

Muslim software programmers participated in this Hackathon competition from across the world. This was the topic of Heaven through “How to save the life from the deadly accidents on the occasion of Hajj gathering in the future”. Yemeni ‘A group of five programmers consisting of Ari Tareen and Saudi women, developed an app, which could soon be done as soon as possible through the access to the medical staff’s access biotechnology technology to the pilgrims waiting for immediate medical assistance.

While simultaneously, in the case of emergency, the app will guide the medical staff for which the patient first needs medical assistance. A group consisting of two Pakistanis and two East Asian students developed an app called ‘virtual leash’, with the help of the Bluetooth band, it is easy to find relatives who have lost their lost relatives in the vast ocean of the pilgrimage. Will be

Four Saudi youth prepared a censorship for the smugglers who would alert the cleaners when they were full of waste, and could not spoil the wasting and misery. Over 3,000 programmers participated in this competition. Even he had dinner at a special hall for programming and sleep was also done here. The organizer said it was the history of the greatest health of the Gospel Book of World Records.