Common mistakes people committed during hajj

Mistake # 1:

Thinking that your dua is accepted at the first glance of holy Kaaba, many people have this wrong notion that the first time they look at the Kaaba, any Dua that they make will be answered for sure. this is not true as this has no evidence from the sharee’ah

Mistake #2:

kissing the black stone from far away and stopping in mid-tawaf to do so, kissing the black stone is a beautiful sunnah, and an honor indeed for the one who can do so. however due to the immense crowds, a very large number of people are not able to reach it. in fact, it is quite impossible. so, many people try to kiss it from far away. when they come parallel to the black stone, the stop dead in their tracks in mid-tawaaf, stand facing the black stone, put up both hands on the side of their head and kiss the black stone in midair, as if the black stone is right in front of them.

Mistake #3 :

Doing tawaaf on someone else behalf, many people making this mistake. they circumambulate the kaabah 7 times and then they donate the reward of this Tawaaf to their loved ones, their family members or their relatives who have passed away. also, when people go for hajj or umrah, their relatives and friends specially ask them to do one tawaaf on their behalf. this is no valid and there is no evidence for its permissibility.