Saudi man arrested after slapping a foreign worker

Saudi man arrested after slapping a foreign worker :
A Saudi man slaps a foreign worker in park.Saudi man arrested after slapping a foreign worker across the face in the viral video. After the public reaction to the viral video, the capture process came into force. Riyadh police were able to identify and arrested the man who slaps a foreign worker at the communal park in a video that went viral on social media recently.
This incident took place at shuhada park in Grenada, Riyadh.

The 30-year-old Saudi national wearing the traditional dress was caught on camera as he held the worker with one hand and slapped his face with another hand, he walks away as if nothing happened. Residents took to Twitter to protest the situation, calling for justice.
Saudi Arabia is finally taking appropriate action against anyone who previously thought they could mistreat people just because they are not nationals of the kingdom.

The Riyadh police issued an official post on their Twitter, stating:”with regards to the incident of a municipal worker being the attack in shuhada park, we maintain that this is irresponsible respond. We will investigate the situation and maintain our commitment to upholding workers rights”.